Latest version: v1.7.6

Dinogen is a top-down shooter with a full story mode and fast-paced survival mode.

In story mode, you take the role of a chief security officer for one of the many classified Dinogen research camps. Time travel has become possible, and it's your job to protect the researchers in extracting and studying dinosaur specimens. Of course, the technology is still new and in hot demand, so some problems may arise...

In survival mode, you simply hold out as long as you can against the ever-growing force of hostile dinosaurs. As you progress through each wave, your enemies will become faster, stronger, and travel in larger groups. Purchase new weapons and equipment from the armory, upgrade your character's skills, and call in backup and auto turrets to help you earn the highest score!

Dinogen also features a level editor where you can create your own scenarios!


Dinogen was the very first top-down shooter that I developed for XWILKINX!