Dinogen Guide

Updated July 4 2018

Here you'll find everything you need to know about Dinogen.



Dinogen is a top-down shooter with a full story mode with progressively challenging missions and a fast-paced survival mode.


Controls can be changed in the settings menu if desired.

 Fire weapon
 Move up
 Move left
 Move down
 Move right
 Switch weapon
 Perks menu



Your health is displayed at the top of the HUD. Avoid damage for 3 seconds to start regenerating your health.


You can hold up to 2 individual items in your inventory. These items are displayed at the top of the HUD while cycling through them. Press Q switch your current weapon or the number keys (1 and 2).

Inventory items can be swapped for new ones by pressing E (interact).

Firearms can be reloaded by pressing R.


Press and hold SHIFT to start sprinting. You can only sprint for a limited time before you need to recover. Current stamina is displayed at the top of the HUD. If you completely deplete your stamina, it will take longer to recover.


Press SPACE to use your knife melee attack. Very effective against close range enemies.


You will come across dozens of weapons, each with their own properties.

The following categories offer unique abilities:

High-Powered Rifles

Extremely high damage
Ability to penetrate through multiple enemies


Fires a volley of bullets
Very effective against clumps of enemies

Compound Bow

High damage arrow will kill most enemies immediately
Arrows can be picked up after hitting a target
Fast reload speed


Welcome to the world where time travel has finally become a reality.

The discovery was made by a small research team initially dedicated to paleontology. The inventors quickly formed a corporation and patented the technology, creating a monopoly on teleportation. This company was officially named Dinogen.

Fearing corruption and espionage, Dinogen set up research camps around the world in desolated locations to advance their research on dinosaurs undisturbed. Having the ability to extract living dinosaurs from the past set them miles ahead of opposing research groups, who had only just begun experimentation in DNA cloning.   

As expected, these competitors set out to steal classfied Dinogen technology and data which caused major conflict. Dinosaur research now became a violent and dangerous venture to invest in.

Subsequently, Dinogen decided to build its military presence. Each research camp had a security team consisting of highly-trained soldiers whose task was to both defend the camps and to protect researchers when extracting dinosaurs from the past.

You are the chief security officer of Dinogen Research Camp 002.



In story mode, you take the role of a chief security officer of Dinogen Research Camp 002. As such, your character has the following skills:

Only take 45% of incoming damage

35% faster reload

30% better accuracy with weapons

150% melee damage

60% stamina (sprint endurance)

20% movement speed

There are no checkpoints. You will need to remember the narrow paths of the jungle in order to survive. Rushing ahead can be suicide, especially without your allies. You have the ability to respawn only 1 time. After that, you will have to restart the mission after being killed.

As you progress through the missions, you'll find they become progressively more difficult. Later missions will require careful planning; not blindly running through the jungle.

Be sure to take your time, reload often, and target more threatening dinosaurs such as the Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus, and raptor breeds. Less harmful predators such as compys and the Dilophosaurus can easily be taken down with your knife.

Often times you can find hidden areas along with hidden weapons and ammo crates. Be sure not to miss these items, as running out of ammo or missing out on a stronger weapon can often cost you your life.

You will also come across mounted weapons. These are extremely powerful tools; be sure not to waste them on frivolous enemies like compys. Save them if possible, as you never know when a top-tier predator will be on your tail.


Current objectives are displayed in the top left of the HUD. Item of interest are shown with an arrow on screen.

Bonus Objectives

Bonus objectives are optional to complete a given mission. They are indicated by a star icon. They are also displayed in the top left of the HUD. Complete all bonus objectives in a mission to earn a mission star.

Goal Time

Each mission has a designated goal time. Complete the mission within this time to earn a mission star.


Avoid standing still. Try to evade incoming attacks.

Use bullets wisely to avoid getting caught while reloading.

Weapons and ammo can often be found hidden in the world.

Save your more powerful weapons for tougher enemies.

Avoid running into unexplored areas. Take your time.

Don't forget to use your knife when enemies get too close.

Your sprint time is limited. Be sure to recover before attacking.


Survive against an endless wave of dinosaurs. Submit your score at the end of the game to compete in the leaderboards!


Use the armory to purchase new weapons, attachments, equipment, and ammo. The armory is located in the middle of the map. Press E to interact.


Earn money by killing dinosaurs and completing waves.


Earn XP by killing dinosaurs and completing waves. Once your XP is maxed, you will earn a skill point which can be used to acquire perks.


Use your skill points to acquire new perks. Press ENTER to open the perks menu.


Earn better wave bonuses with better accuracy.

Knife kills earn you more money and XP.

Kills by your teammates still go towards your money and XP.

Auto turrets can't be attacked by enemies.