Latest version: v1.1

Deadswitch is a strategic action-packed shooter, with 6 playable game modes.
Tutorials - Quick and to-the-point tutorials
Deathmatch - Typical deathmatch mode (customization enabled)
Defender - Defend the objective from waves of enemies
Undead Survival - Survive as long as possible from waves of undead
Chaos Arena - Rack up as many kills as possible
Free Mode - Completely free experiment mode 
A mouse and keyboard is required to play. The controls are easy to pick up as they are similar to popular PC games. The controls are displayed in game and through the tutorials. 
In addition to the multiple game modes, Deadswitch features 15 different levels and over 65 unique weapons and items. Call in friendly air support such as attack helicopters and controllable missiles to help achieve your victory. Customize your character model to your liking. Deadswitch is a game that fulfills any shooter fan's expectations and is meant to be a dynamic experience. Deadswitch combines side-scrolling action with tactical defense.


Deadswitch was the first officially released game by XWILKINX! I developed Deadswitch while still in high school (and did a lot of the programming while I should have been paying attention in class).