Dinogen Arena

Latest version: v1.0.4

Dinogen Arena is a top-down arena shooter based off my original game Dinogen.

In Ranked mode, progress through the ranks to unlock new weapons, equipment, and perks. Ally with the humans or play as a dinosaur by joining the dinosaur team! Earn XP in game by killing enemies, finishing challenges, and completing objectives! Select 1 of 8 unique game modes, modify the game settings, and choose a map!

In Survival mode, survive as long as you can against the endless waves of increasingly difficult dinosaurs. Fortify your position with auto turrets, additional reinforcements, and air support! Leaderboards are enabled for website that support them!

Want your API or logo integrated into Dinogen Arena? Contact me!


Dinogen Arena was the first WebGL game developed by XWILKINX!

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<iframe src="https://html5.gamedistribution.com/ff8e2de2d87141fd8e0177440a0872b6/" width="920" height="720" scrolling="none" frameborder="0"></iframe>